2004 – 2019

The Manifeste is 10 days of extra-ordinary artistic encounters distributed all over the “Côte d’Opale” coast, where artists from different parts of the world work together with local people to replay the world.

Believing that art can transform human beings is the utopia of the Manifeste, which makes heads think and bodies dance.

Le Manifeste is an artistic and political empowerment tool which takes its roots in the liberty values inherited from the 20th century.

The Manifeste invents the culture of Life. Faced with a world whose governance is opaque, it is a means to open eyes and minds through exchanges between local people and artists, away from market values and one-way media trends.

The Manifeste strives for solidarity and equity and is willing to allow everyone to reclaim his fantasies and hopes through artistic practice and new encounters.

Le Manifeste offers a space both for artists eager to experiment and for the participants willing to discover and create.

Le Manifeste exists in a time and space where the approach is preferred to the result, where the artists may break through the unknown, accompanied by people from all backgrounds, looking for a new path, for new theatrical forms.