Reclaim the future – Humanity Pride


Saturday, 14 July  3pm

Departure :  place Abbé pierre

Reclaim the future

For two years, five companies of live entertainment have been building together Reclaim the Future, as part of the European program Horizon 2020 / Creative Europe: Teatermaskinen (Riddarhyttan, Suède), Rural Nations (Stornoway, UK), Visões Úteis, (Porto, Portugal), DDT (Riga, Lettonie) and the Compagnie des Mers du Nord (Grande-Synthe, France).

In each of the five countries, each theatre company invents answers to several universal questions, together with hundreds of participants:

What future do we dream of? What future do we want to live in? What is required to change it? What do we want to leave to the next generations?

Here in Grande-Synthe, our cosmopolitan parade composed of professional artists and local participants will show the archetypes of minorities of our Humanity, in a happy organised disorder.

Humanity Pride

The parade starts at 3 pm, place Abbé Pierre. The singing parade will stroll through the streets of the city, led by choirmaster Nadège de Kersabiec. And because this parade takes place in Grande-Synthe, it will meet the requirements of the local carnival, with festive meeting points all along the path!

La Relève     A dozen of Grande-Synthe’s youngsters from 11 to 17 years old will play their view of the world : what do they hope for it, what are they going to do with it. They wrote the text, La Compagnie des Mers du Nord staged it.

The Suffragettes’ Gaelic Choir , a feminist cultural heritage from the Hebrides.

The Amazonians    The Brasilian artist Andreia Duarte will introduce us to a ritual dance from the Amazonian Xingu tribes, where she lived. Today, the Xingu tribes fight against global companies to protect  their ancestral lands and way of life, to protect the planet.

Buffone     Led by italian director Alfredo Angelici, assisted by dancer Youmni Aboudou. Buffone are outcasted creatures, taking their revenge on tyrants and the politically-correct ruling class, by attacking privileges and prohibited thoughts. Who are the Buffoni, the outcasted of today? What are their roles in this new society?

The Walkers without borders, are those who cannot be stopped, endlessly crossing boundaries and obstacles. Choreography by Sarah Nouveau.

The Gang will step out of its woods and the vegetal horde will strike down, proudly wearing their luxurious and ephemeral creations.

The Sami people are a northern population from the outer polar circle, who today has to fight against global companies to protect their ancestral lands and way of life. (This text is the same as for the Amazons, because the issue is the same!)

Other shows and happenings will enhance this collective adventure: reclaim the future! // Dream the future!