The Diagonal Life Circus


Sunday,  7 July, 5 pm

Show of Bread and Puppet Theatre / USA

Puppet Circus

They came at the Manifeste 7 years ago and indulged us with their tremendous puppets and the legendary sourdough rye bread that they have been offering to the audience after each and every one of their shows for more than fifty years. Yes! Bread and Puppet is still alive and still is the avant-garde of American political theater.

They are coming back with their bread, puppets and brass band to let us know that :

“Reality is either horizontal or vertical or both. The horizontal produces us + eventually takes us back into its giant arms’ embrace. The vertical is the exceptional human predicament, the up + forward striding ambition that makes history + warfare.

The diagonal results from the hurts that the vertical suffers in the process. It is our common human fate, the hard-to-sustain-in-between life, neither up nor down that needs to muster all its strength to lift itself up + the courage to invent tricks that keep it from falling. And this trickery deserves a circus, however small or short, to celebrate the inventiveness of the struggling body + mind in the fight against falling, as well as a victory feast for the successful lifting itself up.” Peter Schumann



With  Bread and Puppet

Lindsay McCaw
Torri Lynn Ashford
Ronald Kelley
Tom Cunningham
Maura Gahan

and 15 Manifeste‘ participants

The performance is outside, in front of le Palais du Littoral

Running time: 1h 15