Bateau ivre

13, 14, 15  July

Pascale Séquer’s exhibition

Bateau Ivre is a photographic project realized during an artist residency held at the Château Coquelle, ressource for contemporary photography in Dunkerque.

« I shot the masquelours* during dunkerque carnival feasts. I directed my camera lens on the hats worn by carnival participants. These ornaments tells the head the most architectural and the most theatrical part of the body.

Here exist together the excess, the overflowing imagination and the originality of the world of each participant.

The series is title Bateau ivre, in tribute to the fishermen of Dunkirk and echoes Rimbaud’s poem.

It is the poet breaking with norms, moral laws and mainstream ideology. »

*masquelour : disguised people who march during dunkerque carnival