Workshops are running from Saturday 29th of June to Friday 5th of July 2019
Workshops are open to everyone, no matter your age, your artistic experience, or where you are coming from.

Registration: Download the registration form below (soon) and send it
before the 5th of June 2019
by post to
Compagnie des Mers du Nord,
Espace Jules Ferry
1, rue Rigaud
59760 Grande-Synthe
or by  e-mail

Please note that every year we receive more requests for registration than we are able to accept, due to the limited number of participants. Please also note that the workshops are always full before the deadline.

Send your registration form + a letter where you present yourself and explain the reasons for your choice (why do you want to participate in this specific workshop?).  This letter can be 3 lines or several pages, in French or English, no matter. This letter will be the criterion for your admission.

The program will be online on the 1st of April 2019.