Reaching for a love deliverance


Sunday, 7th July – 6.30 pm

with Yann Kerninon

We are living in an era when the dominant discourse offers two positions, both of them impracticable. We have to face a mix of tense conservatism (marriage, fidelity, exclusivity) and unleashed liberalism (erotic advertisement, pornography).
A love liberation consists in claiming that the loving and erotic encounter of beings is one of the most incredible things in life. It has to be defended because it is always threatened by those who would like to put our desires in boxes (whether they are marriage contracts or swingers club). Every discourse on love and desire tend to be universal and normative. Therefore, we have to set other discourses against them and rebel.  Our true feelings, when they are spoken out, are always political and revolutionary.

Yann Kerninon is a writer and philosophy, literature, art history teacher at Centrale Paris, Essec, Sup de Co Rouen, Télécom Paris. At ESSEC, he is in charge of the “Expérience Terrain” program that aims to educate through practice.
He is also professional illusionist, a regular cyclist, a Dada fanatic and a dandy enthusiast. He is also the leader of the parodic metal band “Cannibal Penguin” and an educational-video producer.
Nevertheless, he has other activities.