Is culture the main education tool for the population?


Saturday, 6th July – 6.30 pm

with Damien Carême

Damien Carême is mainly known for having actually created an ecological transition in the city of Grande-Synthe, for his humanistic work with the migrants, and for his fight against poverty with the introduction of the guaranteed minimum income for the Grande-Synthe’ inhabitants.
But he is less known for his interest in the artistic field and the cultural politics he leads in his city. Yet, Damien Carême does not hide behind the statement of purpose in this field either. He takes action vigorously, claiming culture is “the main education tool for the population”.

What cultural goals should be pursued by a territorial collectivity, by a country, by Europe? We will debate these questions together.

Damien Carême, a social-ecology maker, is the mayor of Grande-Synthe since 2001. He is also vice president of Dunkirk’s Urban Community and honorary president of the mayors’ association “Cities and suburbs”, as well as the founder of the “Institutd’EconomieCirculaire”. He receives the “North-South” prize from the European Council in 2018.