3 – What if we decided to attack?



directed by Ana Vitorino, Carlos Costa, João Martins

(In English with French translation)

Workshop n°3 // Calais // 12 participants
from 29th of June to the 8th of July

The workshop will be directed by the authors and performers of the play “Trans/mission” and it will be inspired by the play’s themes and creative process.

After sharing with the participants the specific context, references and collaborative nature of “Trans/mission”, we will then identify, explore and develop into performance their own ideas and references: What revolution is needed in your context/country/society? Why hasn’t it happened yet, despite all the criticism and demonstrations? What specific characteristics do you identify in yourself and your community that may be sabotaging the change you desire?
Is the art that you make (or others make around you) a vehicle for that change?

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