5 – By word of mouth



directed by  Lorette Andersen


Workshop n°5 // Dunkirk // 12 participants
from 29th of June to the 8th of July

We will discover how the storyteller is not only sharing a story but also creating it.
This artistic proposal is focused on improvising because this is without any safety net that you learn how to fly.
Together, we will work on different styles of improvisation as well as on conventional scripts in order to develop a personal approach of storytelling.

Communicating with the audience is essential. We will work on multiple sorts of impros, free or on traditional storylines with the aim of revealing a new speech, a new way of conveying, much closer to itself.  We will notice the appearance of personal themes and the singularity of your imagination will also allow a voice and body exploration.
Generosity, sense of humour, and pleasure of playing could help!