4 – The Diagonal Life Circus


Circus Theater

directed by Bread and Puppet Theater

Maura Gahan, Lindsay McCaw, Ronald Kelley,
Tom Cunningham, Torri Lynn Ashford,

in English with French translation

Workshop n°4 // Grande-Synthe // 20 participants
from 29th of June to 8th of July

Reality is either horizontal or vertical or both. The horizontal produces us + eventually takes us back into its giant arms’ embrace. The vertical is the exceptional human predicament, the up + forward striding ambition that makes history + warfare.

The diagonal results from the hurts that the vertical suffers in the process. It is our common human fate, the hard-to-sustain-in-between life, neither up nor down that needs to muster all its strength to lift itself up + the courage to invent tricks that keep it from falling. And this trickery deserves a circus, however small or short, to celebrate the inventiveness of the struggling body + mind in the fight against falling, as well as a victory feast for the successful lifting itself up.

We will build paper-mache puppets, dance, sing, and learn techniques in the art of puppet circus street performance. And of course, we’ll bake the legendary bread!

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4 – The Diagonal Life Circus