2 – We will!


Chorus workshop

directed by Felix Ensslin
assisted by Christoph Sökler

Workshop  n°2 // Dunkirk // 12 participants
from 29th of June to the 8th of July

„Much is monstrous. But nothing
more monstrous than man.“
(Sophocles – Antigone/Choir)

What do we want to say together? Do want to say something together?
A Chorus. A Group. A Collective A People.
A Chorus? A Group? A Collective? A People?
A Chorus! A Group!  A Collective! A People!

We are…
We are…
We are…

To speak together. To speak with each other. To speak within a group.
To be a body beyond yourself. To be a body beyond yourself.
We will sing, walk, move, speak, scream – (no, that is too much pathos!): Together.

Why would I do that?
Well, you will!
Well, we will!

A workshop on the question of the chorus, the pleasure of a collective body, the exclusion of those who don’t want to join? Or their inclusion?
We don’t know.
We will work with texts generated from the memories of all participants.
From there? I – ( I mean me?!) – don’t know…