1 – From Conception to Embodiment



directed by Maxim Didenko

Workshop n°1 // Calais // 12 participants
from 29th of June to the 8th of July

The body of the actor is one of the main means of expression in the theatre. Plastic, movement is one of the central channels of information, one of the main languages in which the theatre communicates with the audience.
Maxim Didenko – director, choreographer, teacher, creator of many performances made in the field of modern dance, physical theatre, on the edge of dance and drama. His area of interest, the scope of his experiments lies in the plane of development of the capabilities of the human body, the capacity of a plastic utterance. In his master class, the director offers participants to get acquainted with their understanding of the body of an actor in the theatre and the method of their work in the play.
“From conception to embodiment” covers the following topics: building links between the imagination of the actor/dancer and his body; formation of statements; the embodiment of ideas in the language of dance.