16th and last edition

6th and 7th of July
from 2:30 pm to midnight

Artists, shows and Companies are coming from
USA, Russia, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic

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Le Manifeste, 16th and last edition. Le Manifeste won’t set heads and bodies dancing anymore. It is coming to an end. It is one of its kind and singular in all its aspects. It gathers 4 generations and accomplishes the miracle of bringing together the most contemporary theatrical creation and popular education. It will have been for thousands of people the treasure island, a starting point, the place of all possibilities and that of hope. It could have been a Ministry of Culture’s dream in an enlightened democracy.

For 16 years, my team and I have moved mountains to make it exist. Fighting against windmills has fed my adrenalin for many years. The seeds are sown. Stop. My fight to keep Le Manifeste alive is over.

This last edition will be aesthetically radical, made of radical, concession free propositions, of those that question, shake, hit and feed our thoughts, our emotions and our ways of life long after the gong has resounded.

We will share the work and research of artists from Portugal, Russia, United States, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.
Damien Carême is doing us the kindness of closing this venture with a debate on cultural ambition in our society and, out of respect for our far-off promise « one day it will be time again to talk about love », the very last debate will lead us towards love’s liberation.


Brigitte Mounier